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Debbie’s Podcast with Jason Hartman of the Longevity Show

Proper breathing, meditation and stretching for a longer happier life. Mobility or lack of it can make or break your positive outlook and disrupt your daily routine. Old fitness terms such as no pain, no gain are outdated and can confuse us when understanding what constitutes progress and what exercises[…]

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TURNING 55 AND REFLECTING BACK ON SOME OF THE DEFINING MOMENTS THAT HELPED TO SHAPE MY LIFE AND LESSONS I’VE LEARNED ALONG THE WAY. DO NOT PLAY THE VICTIM! I realized that because of my circumstances in childhood, I played the victim in most of my relationships.  This never serves[…]

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In reading Linda Malone’s article on, I not only completely agreed with her, but I felt the need to share with all of you. Because of developing my own limitations through the years due to over-training and being in an unfortunate number of accidents where I was rear-ended at[…]

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Dreamcatcher Anthea Rossouw (TEDx)

Known as the “Dreamcatcher,” Anthea Rossouw works to alleviate poverty in South Africa. In her talk, she shares her journey of bridging the gaps between communities, and connecting “Home Stay Kamammas” and “Cook-up Kamammas” with visitors from all over the world. Born, raised and educated in South Africa, Anthea Rossouw[…]

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KickUp Kamammas

“KickUp Kamammas” is a first of its kind exercise DVD aimed specifically at teenage girls and women with socioeconomic challenges living in communities across South Africa. As community empowerment organization, Dreamcatcher was motivated to produce it for the teenage girls and women living in harsh socio-economic and stressful circumstances impacting on[…]

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South Africa Update 5

I finally woke up after arriving back in Denver on Tuesday:) So, I wanted to finish up on the rest of my experience in South Africa. After shooting our last exercise routine in Stilbaai, we headed out the next day to Capetown.  It was another 5 hour drive, but when[…]

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South Africa Update 4

Monday the 23rd. Despite the rain and thunder and lightning storms today, we shot our last classroom video at Melkoutfontein in Stilbaai just minutes from the Dreamcatcher Office. Ricardo shot my intro and outro for the entire video before we set up for the exercise.  We managed to get that[…]

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South Africa Update 3

Saturday, the 21st. Today proved to be a very long, but rewarding day! Got up at 5:30 am for our beach shoot, but the weather said otherwise. First day of heavy rain here, which was much needed.  So, we sat and waited for it to clear, which was about 1:00. […]

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South Africa Update 2

Hi Everybody! I am not really sure where I left off, so I will just start here… While I’ve been here it has been the moon’s most unique experience in S. Africa.  It is when the pairing of the Solstice and Equinox down the most Southern tip of S. Africa[…]

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South Africa Update

Tuesday Evening the 11th We arrived in Soweto at our first homestay with Kamamma Mamule Tau, her daughter Tilly, and her adorable identical twin grandsons.  Joining me were Ricardo Alvarez, our cameraman, Anthea the Founder of Dreamcatcher South Africa, Dr. Henna Renfurn, a social anthropologist and researcher.  I was exhausted[…]

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